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All About Us

Bringing LA together, one trail at a time.

At its core, LA Hike Club was born out of friendship

and a mutual love for nature.


The club was founded in May 2018 by three women who shared a simple goal: creating a fun, social, outdoor experience and a means of exploring LA’s beautiful landscapes. What started as a group of friends hiking on the weekends soon evolved into a larger movement, and before we knew it, we were throwing curated hikes for an amazing and growing community. Over the years we've poured our passion and creativity into finding different ways to connect with nature and making each hike a unique and enriching experience for our members. 


Today, we're still thriving and our mission remains the same. We can't wait to see where the next several years will take us, but one thing's for sure -

we won't stop 'til we reach the top.

So join the club and come #takeahike with us!


Andrea, Kelsey and Madison

Our Story

Meet The Team

Kelsey Lynn

is a quasi LA native who's really from Vancouver, Canada. She graduated from USC's Marshall School of Business, and having worked in the entertainment industry for 12 years as a talent agent and buyer, she has a lot of stress to release. She does so by pursuing high-adrenalin outdoor sports like snowboarding, surfing, triathlons, mountain biking and of course hiking! She's a truly avid, global hiker whose favorite trails sprawl from Utah to Vietnam. She exalts nature as Queen, and she wants everyone to bow down.

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Madison Powers

is an LA native who grew up enjoying all things outdoors. Spend one minute talking to her and you'll quickly find out she's passionate about making hiking and LA's public outdoor spaces more accessible. She's currently advocating for the removal of expensive parking fees from LA's hikes, which she feels creates an income barrier to the many Angelenos who crave and deserve reprieves in nature. Off the trail's you'll find her on a Hollywood set. Her love of stories landed her a career in television, where she writes, directs and produces.

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Andrea Rojas-Castellanos

is an LA Native, mom, and Landscape Architect who merged her various passions - plants, creating community, mental and physical wellness, and hanging with friends - by co-founding LA Hike Club. During our group hikes, she loves sharing fun plant facts and stories (even the sinister ones) about the unique history of Los Angeles. Her favorite hiking trails are Solstice Canyon in Malibu and Portuguese Bend Reserve in Palos Verdes. 

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Our Partners

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